While I enjoy the creative and intuitive aspect of fiber art, I have to admit a great deal of my actual 'work ethic' in this craft comes stems from an anxious and critical mind. I joke that I knit almost as fast as a machine, but the truth is, I do. And my thoughts and ideas go at about the same rate. Working on a project is often a parralel to working through an idea or puzzling scenario and the needles fly at my finger tips as the sequence of thoughts and solutions pours through my mind like a fast flowing waterfall. 

With the holidays upon us, I find myself considering a multitude of reflections and resolutions, both personal and universal, and my needle work cotinues to spur along new ideas and revelations. I hope you all have a process, hobby, ritual or passtime that allows you to steep in the realms of your critical self and contemplate outlook and resolution of your everyday encounters. 

~ Maktub ~